3rd graders help Mrs. Muench win an award!

At the beginning of the year the 3rd grade music classes began working on our Collaborative Composer Project.  This project teams each class up with another class of 5th graders from Sunset Ridge School near Chicago.  

Our students made composer VoiceThreads and Mrs. Broos’s students in Sunset Ridge made 30 second videos for a piece of classical music.  Then each class viewed the others projects and left a comment.  We’ve also been having regular Skype (video call on the internet) sessions with our partners in SRS.  It’s been a wonderful learning experience!

Mrs. Broos submitted our Collaborative Composer Project to the Larry Stilgebauer Technology Awards  and we got an Exemplary Award! This means that our website will be posted on the awards site for teachers all over the state of Illinois to view.  It’s very exciting.  It’s nice to see that other teachers think our students are doing excellent work too.

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