Angry Birds Rhythms

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Can you say the Angry Birds rhythm?

Christmas Program Practice

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3rd Grade Our 2nd song is instrumental so we will only practice it in class.

2nd Grade

1st Grade You can stop after 1:32. Our other song is a round and will be practiced in class only.


First Graders Show Piano and Forte

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Piano and Forte 2 from Brenda Muench on Vimeo.

Piano and Forte from Brenda Muench on Vimeo.

Stomp for 1st grade

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We spent our last music class watching a few clips from the Stomp! Out Loud dvd. I’ve found a few more videos that you might enjoy on Youtube as well. Check it out!

You can also watch the videos in this playlist to learn how to make some of Stomp’s music


1st Graders Sing Using Tellagami

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A Tisket A Tasket

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We’ve been studying jazz and Ella Fitzgerald in 1st grade music. Below you’ll find some links to videos on Youtube that go with our studies.


Karaoke version – Sing Ella’s Version yourself - just watch out for those spelling errors


This a YouTube playlist. There are 6 songs in it. You can move from one video to another by using the arrows after you press play.

Christmas Songs 2013

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Click the link below to listen to your songs for the concert. It’s a fun way to practice!

Christmas songs 2013


I Want a Kitty for a Present

Snowman Jump


I Want to Be an Elf


Christmas Tree What Will You Be…..


The First Day of Winter

1D Fortunately Story

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1B’s Fortunately Book

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1A Fortunately Book

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