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We’ve been listening for tempo changes in In the Hall of the Mountain King and Mrs. Muench found¬† this really cool electric guitar version. We discovered this versions doesn’t always use the same theme as the original. In the Hall of the Mountain King 2A and 2C – In...

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Playing Go Fish – In this video you may notice the students looking beyond the camera. We had posted a chart of all the rhythms and their names on the SMARTboard for since this was our first day of playing the game. 5 Little Monkeys – In each class...

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Thanks to Robert Munsch for giving Mrs. Muench permission to post our version of his story on the internet. Click the link to see 2A’s performance. 2A Performs Mortimer

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Billy Boy

Listen to Miles Davis play this song.¬† Sometimes you can hear the tune and sometimes you can’t. How many times can you hear it?