1B’s Fortunately Book

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8 Responses

  1. 1c Mrs. Curl's Class says:

    We liked that the jingles went with the good parts and the drum went with the bad parts. You did a good job saying the words. We liked the “Yeah!” at the end. Good thinking about all those great story parts. We liked the drawing of the crab with glasses on because it was funny. Jersey and Violet liked the gorilla parts. Jordan H. was interested in the pages about swimming in the ocean because she has never tried that before. Wyatt liked the part with the GPS and when they dressed up like sharks.

  2. 1B Miss Kurtenbach's Class says:

    1C – Thanks for watching and giving us a comment on our video.

  3. 1D Mrs. Basham's Class says:

    Thank you for the video. We liked your drawings. We were wondering what is your favorite part? Cameron liked the part where the sharks ate the GPS. Vitor was glad that the GPS was waterproof. Elizabeth V. liked when the crab chased the gorilla.

  4. 1A Mrs. Hamilton's Class says:

    We really enjoyed your story. Caiden’s favorite part was when the kids painted their bodies to look like sharks. Kaylee thought your drawings were nice. CJ was excited when they dropped the GPS. Viven would like to know how you made such good colorful illustrations. Izayah is wondering what is your favorite part of the story?

  5. Tatum says:

    What is your favorite part? I liked it when the crab chased the gorilla.

  6. Mrs. Muench says:

    Great comment Tatum! It shows that you watched the movie very carefully.

  7. 1B Miss Kurtenbach's Class says:

    Dear 1D,
    Reka’s favorite part is when the crabs chase the gorilla. Damian liked the picture of the crab with the sunglasses. Abby enjoyed the very beginning of the story. Thanks for watching our story.

    Dear 1A,
    It took a long time to make our illustrations and we had to think really hard.

    Dear Tatum,
    Read the answer we typed to 1D to find out our favorite parts. Thanks for leaving us a comment. That was nice.

  8. Jordan Hoy says:

    I liked Kenzie’s part.

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