Day 3 iPad Classes

The Claymation class is set up to begin capturing pictures tomorrow. Hopefully we will be able to complete our movies before the end of class on Friday. 20130710-152218.jpg
The face drawing class worked on skin and shading today. You can see the kids have made great progress in only three days! Hopefully we will hair and noses done by Friday. Sorry I can’t show show you Zane’s progress here. He is using his own tablet and I forgot ask him to send me his picture before we left. So enjoy one of his Percolator pictures instead.



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6 Responses

  1. Mrs. Duncan says:

    Great pictures everyone. You are all so creative and I really enjoyed looking at your art work.

  2. Mrs. Fuglestad says:

    Wow! Love what you all are doing on iPads. Looks like so much fun. Way to go summer school kids and Mrs. Muench!

  3. Carol Broos says:

    WOW, I love that you are using art and music to tell a story! Can’t wait to see your final projects.

  4. Mama Rodriguez says:

    There is some good art going on here friends!

  5. J Eldert says:

    Zane is so into this! He love every minute!!
    Thank you!!

  6. Mrs. Muench says:

    Mrs. Eldert – I’m so glad he is enjoying both the classes.

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