I’m so honored!!

Today I got invited to an assembly at my Elementary School.  3A asked me specifically to be there.  I was wondering why it was important for me to be there.  Perhaps I was going to have to sing a song or something.  That made me a little worried because I always like to have a lot of practice before I sing in front of people. 

But it turned out that the kids had written a song for me!  The song was great and their classroom teacher even talked a little bit about all the interesting things the kids reported doing in music class.  They even made me a poster with the words to the song on it!  What a wonderful day! 

Well since the song mentioned podcasting I figured it was appropriate to invite the kids down to the music classroom/computer lab to make recording for the internet……So, drumroll please…….

Here it is:

The Music Teacher Song

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2 Responses

  1. Carol Broos says:

    I love the song, thanks for posting it. The third graders sound fabulous. “You are A sunshine.” I also love your updated website!!

  2. Hollie Major says:

    Hello! My name is Hollie Major and I too am a music educator. Congratulations on a wonderful song written and performed by your students. I am admiring your wonderful blog and how much you have gotten your students involved in it. You even have recordings of them singing on here! I think it is absolutely wonderful and I have actually discussed your blog on my blog for a class I am taking. If you’d like to check it out, you can at


    Again congratulations on a wonderful website! Enjoy your summer!

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