Our Last Year with Mrs. Muench by the 3rd grade

This year we have done many exciting things.  One of the most exciting ones was square dancing.  Square dancing was fun because you get to dance with your friends. If your parents came to the concert they got to watch you dance.  We danced to 3 songs.  Mrs. Muench let us choose one of our songs to square dance to. We choose the song Bob That Head by Rascal Flatts.   We voted on the Internet.  Mrs. Muench put a survey on her webpage that we got to use to vote.  After we voted we planned the dance steps to the song.  The other 2 songs were Captain Jinks and Shoo Fly.  After the dancing test Mrs. Muench selected which classes got to dance each song.


Mrs. Muench put a game called Scribble States on her website.   We played the game because it helped us study our states.  It was fun because you got to draw the state as a dot-to-dot and then you had to name the state.  And at the end of the game you got a grade telling you how well you did.  This game could be helpful in 4th grade because we need to know the capitals.  We liked Scribble States because it was a fun way to study our states.


Another one of our favorite activities was playing Statue.  You have to dance and when the music stops you have to freeze.  If you move you are out.  Mrs. Muench decides who is moving.  We get to play statue when our behavior chart is full of stamps. You get to listen to cool music.  You get to use almost any dance moves you want.  Mrs. Muench doesn’t like break dancing (like spinning on the floor) because someone might get hurt in her classroom full of computers.  It feels exciting when you get to dance.  If you’re not dancing you are out because that’s cheating.  You get to dance with all your friends and that’s really fun!  If you touch other people you will be out.  Sometimes we make trains to dance.  But trains are tricky because if one person in the train moves then usually everyone moves and then we all get out.


The Middle School Band came and played 3 very interesting songs.  We got to eat cookies while we listened.  We really liked the last one, The Incredibles Theme Song!  We liked that one because it had action music.  We also liked the song from the Civil War because it had a big drum in it called a Bass Drum. They showed their instruments to us. 


We won an award this year.  The award was for the Collaborative Composer Project.  We got to talk to 5th graders in Chicago using the webcam and Skype.  We made a VoiceThread with a bunch of facts about the opera The Magic Flute.  One of the facts was false.  Then the 5th graders had to guess which fact was false.  They didn’t figure it out though.  Our false fact was “Pamina married Papageno.” because she really married Tamino.  We got to make avatars for the VoiceThread. We did not just put a picture of us on the Internet because that wouldn’t be safe.


We played computer games in music class.  We like playing computer games because it is fun and entertaining.  We like it because they are the most fun games ever.  The best game is Find the Instruments.  You have to look in bushes and animal’s mouths.  We liked playing games on Mrs. Muench’s webpage.


We also performed a musical at the Christmas program.  There is a girl named Maya that did a beautiful solo.  Our class sang, What We Need Is a Miracle,  There was a play and the characters were elves and reindeer and the Clauses.  The songs we sang were  Happy Christmas Eve, Foggy Foggy Night, What We Need Is a Miracle and Super Celelbration.  We had a great time being on stage that night.

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3 Responses

  1. Madison F says:

    Right now I’m in forth grade going on fith, my last year with Mrs.Muench was cool too. Thanks Mrs.Muench

  2. Mrs. Muench says:

    Madison! Good to hear from you! I’m so glad you enjoyed our music classes together. Have you got any exciting plans for your summer vacation?

  3. Hailey Wells says:

    Hay, nice.I am in fifth going to sixth.Mrs.Muench is cool and she is awesome,funny and smart.