Woo Hoo A New Year!

Welcome to a new year of music classes! I’ve been working very hard over the summer to learn new and exciting things for us to do this year.

Kindergartners – I’m looking forward to meeting each of you and trying to learn all your names. The older kids can tell you that I have a REALLY hard time remembering all your names but I always remember your faces! We will be doing a lot of movement activities this year. I want to make sure all of you knows how to keep a steady beat.

1st graders – Are you ready to have music in the computer lab?!? It’s so much fun to have all those computers sitting right there ready for us to use when ever we need them. But we’ll have to be careful when we move around the room because we don’t want to damage any of the expensive computers. We’ll be using the Notebook program from the SmartBoard to make rhythms really soon.

2nd graders – I’m so excited about studying the instrument families with you this year and I have a great new project on the internet that we’ll do that’s all about folk songs.

3rd graders – We’ll start the year by working on the Collaborative Composer Project or CCP for short. You’ll learn all sorts of new things about a composer and we’ll be using Skype to video call a partner class from Sunset Ridge on the internet.  Of course we’ll be working on the 50 Nifty Program at the end of the year!

It’s going to be an exciting year for everyone.  Each class will be using tools like Twitter and Audioboo to keep your families up to date on what’s happening in class. I’ll have to get out my mics, digital camera, web cam and SmartBoard! Let’s get started!


Mrs. Muench

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  1. Amy Burns says:

    Hi Mrs. Muench!

    My 3rd graders also study 50 Nifty along with each 3rd grader studying a state for their 50 State Fair in April of 2010. Is there a way we can use Skype to have our 3rd graders sing to each other the song towards the end of the school year?

    I hope that you are having a great school year.

    Mrs. Burns
    Far Hills Country Day School, Far Hills, NJ

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