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  1. Mrs. Muench says:

    Glad to see you’ve been visiting the music site again! Have you found anything new and interesting?

  2. Anonymous says:

    Hi Mrs. Muench,

    My 3rd graders are just beginning to learn this song. How about a possible Skype exchange in the spring with your class and mine?

    Mrs. Burns

  3. Mrs. Muench says:

    Hi Mrs. Burns,
    My kids would be very excited to have a Skype exchange with your kids. I think we’ll be ready at the end of April or the beginning of May will that work for you? We have 3 classes of 3rd graders that meet on Mondays and Wednesdays at 8:35 a.m., 9:00 a.m. and 9:25 a.m. When do your 3rd graders meet?

  4. noah m. says:

    I am liking our suarqer dancing

  5. Mrs. Muench says:

    I’m so glad you are enjoying it Noah! I have to admit that it’s one of my favorite parts of the 3rd grade year. Hopefully all this practicing will pay off at the program on the 19th.

  6. chloe baker says:

    i can’t wait to sing 50 nifty.

  7. Nathan says:


  8. Olivia 3A says:

    I finally got on a computer to practice singing the 50 nifty song!Thank you for showing us how to get on your website and how to go to the link to the song!

  9. Mrs. Muench says:

    Enjoy your practice time Olivia! I will see you in a few days.

  1. April 6, 2010

    […] If you’d like to listen to the song a few more times go here. […]

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