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  1. 2A says:

    That was a very CRAZY podcast! We would like to know if Crazy Cat plays football. Is Crazy Cat afraid of the ghosts? Is Crazy Cat interested in Basketball?

    That was a great podcast and we learned some new stuff. Thank you for recording it.

  2. 2B says:

    That was a cool podcast. I like the questions you asked. It was funny and nice. I didn’t know that Crazy Cat played baseball. I liked the question about Crazy Cat going to church. I liked that Crazy Cat said “meow” a lot. That was a CRAZY podcast!

  3. 3B says:

    Thank you for listening to our podcast. We’re glad you enjoyed it. Thank you for the nice comments you made for 3B. We thought it was a CRAZY podcast too. We would like to hear a podcast from your classes so we can leave a comment to you too. MEOW!

  4. 2C says:

    That was an AWESOME podcast. Does Crazy Cat play soccer? Does Crazy Cat like to play in the dirt? I didn’t know Crazy Cat played baseball. Does he like to play basketball? Does he ever play tennis? How crazy do you think Crazy Cat is? That was an excellent podcast! Good Day!

  5. Samantha M says:

    I like MEOW how you MEOW said MEOW meow like I’m MEOW saying, MEOW.Have a MEOW day!

  6. laney says:

    that was meow a crazy meow podcast.

  7. milla says:


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