iPod Touches in Music Class!

Today we began using Mrs. Muench’s set of 10 iPod Touches in music class. Actually there are only 9 of them right now because one of them is broken and had to be sent back to the Apple Store on Saturday. Third grade started the day by playing a note naming game called Note Squish. We have been reading a book about a frog named Freddie and his friend EliĀ  to learn where the notes are on the staff. To play the game you had to speedy with naming your notes. Mrs. Muench got the high score of 62 but one group did get a 24!

Then 1st grade used a drawing program. We’ve been singing a song called Pumpkin Stew. Today we added our own ingredients to the stew and drew a picture of it on the iPods. Then we sang about the new ingredient. Fun stuff! Can you figure out what these students added to the pumpkin stew?

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  1. I am a music teacher in Hillsborough County in Tampa, FL. I happened upon your website while looking for activities to do with the song, Pumpkin Stew. I love the idea of using the iPod touches in the classroom. Did you write a grant to receive those or were they purchased with school funds? I would love to do that at my school! I love your website design too. It looks really sharp and professional. I look forward to hearing from you.

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