More Mystery Songs with iPods This Time!

In third grade today we were challenged to figure out some more Mystery Songs. This time instead of playing them on the BoomWhackers we used the ipods to play them. First we had to put the notes on the staff that were displayed on the Smartboard. We used an app called Music Drawing Lite to do this. Then the iPod could play the notes back to us. The rhythm wasn’t correct because we used all Ta’s but we could listen to the tune.

The groups who figured them out first in each class were:


Song 1 – Anahi and Miriya

Song 2 – Zach G and Owen


Song 1 – Devin and Zach E

Song 2 – Ulises and Jonathan


Song 1 – Esmeralda, Blasa and Elijah

Can you figure out the songs?

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