Music with Mrs. Muench

Day 2 Summer iPad 0

Day 2 Summer iPad

Back for a second day! Today in the photography class we reviewed the rule of thirds and discussed how we could improve some of the pictures we took yesterday. Adjusting focus and exposure are things our ProCam XL app can do separately. We also discussed that keeping vertical and horizontal...

Day 1 Summer iPad 0

Day 1 Summer iPad

  Today was the first day of 3 summer iPad Creation classes taught by Mrs. Muench. The classes will continue for the rest of this week. Our first class has  6 students that are studying digital photography using the iPad. Today we talked about the rule of thirds and focus....

Stomp for 1st grade 0

Stomp for 1st grade

We spent our last music class watching a few clips from the Stomp! Out Loud dvd. I’ve found a few more videos that you might enjoy on Youtube as well. Check it out! You can also watch the videos in this playlist to learn how to make some of Stomp’s...