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2nd Grade 1

2nd Grade

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School yet? 0

School yet?

Dear music students, I miss you. I hope you are enjoying your cold weather days. Here is a video that uses ice to make music to get you thinking about instruments before I see you again. Sincerely, Mrs. Muench

Christmas Songs 2013 0

Christmas Songs 2013

Click the link below to listen to your songs for the concert. It’s a fun way to practice! Christmas songs 2013 Kindergarten I Want a Kitty for a Present Snowman Jump 1st I Want to Be an Elf 2nd Christmas Tree What Will You Be….. 3rd The First Day of...

Help with My Singing Monsters 4

Help with My Singing Monsters

Here’s the fabulous site that I showed to one of the 3rd grade classes on Monday: This site has all kinds of information about the game. It will even show you the monsters to breed to get some of the tricky monsters.