Music with Mrs. Muench

Stomp for 1st grade 0

Stomp for 1st grade

We spent our last music class watching a few clips from the Stomp! Out Loud dvd. I’ve found a few more videos that you might enjoy on Youtube as well. Check it out! You can also watch the videos in this playlist to learn how to make some of Stomp’s...

Mystery Egg 1

Mystery Egg

  I got this wonderful egg from a student via the shared student email account.  Did you draw this fabulous egg?

Izzy’s MSM Idea 1

Izzy’s MSM Idea

Izzy writes: He likes the Reflecting Pool, Fire Bush and Stritch Skin. He is made of goo. He says, “hut, hut”. He is a football player. His name is Googie.

Summer Performance Opportunities 0

Summer Performance Opportunities

Are you bursting with the desire to sing or dance in front of an audience? Perhaps you should look into these options: Iroquois County Fair Talent Show The format has changed for this year.  There appear to be 3 age categories instead of just 2! Check out the details here: