Music with Mrs. Muench

Kindergarten Welcome Song

Kindergarten Welcome Song

And to keep the website loading smoothly, here are links to see the other 2 classes singing the Welcome Song as well: KB Welcome Song KA Welcome Song KC Welcome Song from Brenda Muench on Vimeo.

My Singing Monsters Codes

My Singing Monsters Codes

You can get links to all the different downloads for the awesome My Singing Monsters game that we started in music class today. Remember you can also bring your friend code into music class and I will add you as a friend on our games. My Singing Monsters Mrs. Muench...

Day 5 Claymation Class 7

Day 5 Claymation Class

These students worked so hard! I think all of us were surprised that a movie less than 30 seconds long took 6 hours to create! Please feel free to reward these kids with a comment if you see a movie you like. Camden – for some reason I forgot to...

Day 5 Make a Face Class 4

Day 5 Make a Face Class

These students all started noticing new things about faces this week and that can been seen the art they created. Each of them learned to look for shadows and highlights and to not be afraid of adding color to a work. The perks of using an iPad were that we...

Day 4 iPad Classes 2

Day 4 iPad Classes

We are really rocking and rolling now! In the Face class we worked on noses and began hair. Then for some relaxing fun we ran some images through the Repix app. The Claymation class is running full throttle! It’s been so busy that I didn’t have one second to take...

Day 3 iPad Classes 6

Day 3 iPad Classes

The Claymation class is set up to begin capturing pictures tomorrow. Hopefully we will be able to complete our movies before the end of class on Friday. The face drawing class worked on skin and shading today. You can see the kids have made great progress in only three days!...

Day 2 iPad Classes 4

Day 2 iPad Classes

Today was piled full of fun! The Make a Face began working on proper facial proportions, drawing mouthed and we learned a bit about Andy Warhol. The kids even got to use an app that mimicked Mr. Warhol’s process for silkscreening. The Claymation got to start making their figures out...