Music with Mrs. Muench

First Grade Studies Patterns 0

First Grade Studies Patterns

You can use this game to practice remembering musical patterns. 1C and 1B used this site today in class. Then we played with This is Sand and Bomomo

Going Green in Music 0

Going Green in Music

Wednesday was designated Green Day at Iroquois West. Every class was challenged to use as little paper as possible for the whole day. In music, 3rd grade began figuring out a new dance using directions on the Smartboard. 2nd grade created pictures of instruments in the woodwind family using WordFoto...

iPad Movies! 5

iPad Movies!

In 2nd and 3rd grade we have been working for many weeks of music classes on a short animated movie using the iPads. Each class listened to one of the songs from the Nutcracker Suite. Then each student came up with a short one or two sentence scene that they...