Can you use a QR code?

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Come find out how at the GES Open House in the Music Room.

Look what I found at the Book Fair!

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Pete the cat!!!! And there are 2 books. It’s a good day. Kindergarteners make sure you look for Pete if you visit the Book Fair.

Perfecting Rhythm Drawing

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This week in 1st grade we have been studying what makes a perfect Ta, Ti-ti or Sh. There are so many things to think about. Which side does the stem go on? Should the note head be colored in or not?

We worked in pairs to make our very best examples. After one person drew their notes on the iPad then their partner checked for imperfections. Working together we created some fabulous examples!


Heard Around the Music Room

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In 3rd grade we’ve been starting the transition from our rhythmic note names (ta, ti-ti, and sh) to the “professional note names” (quarter note, eighth notes, and quarter rest). Apparently Sidney has a head start on the rest of the class! :)

Do you know the story of Hansel and Gretel?

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Do you need a rhyme?

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We’ve been working on our lyrics for Teach Us Maybe and found this site to be really useful.

The Rhyme Zone -

What’s Your Mood?

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We’ve been using our calling, singing and whisper voices. Which voice would you use to show us your mood?

Mood Maker

First Graders Songify Mrs. Muench’s Rules

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Today in 1st grade we learned about the rules in the Music Room. There are only 3 rules. If you can follow Rule 3 then you will probably have the first 2 covered already. We used an app called Songify to turn our speaking into singing. You can listen to Rule 1 and Rule 3 below. Poor rule 2 got eaten by Mrs. Muench’s iPhone.

Rule 1

Rule 3


Good news! Rule 2 has been recreated by 1C!

Rule 2

The Teach Us Maybe Project: Part One

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Carly Rae Jepsen sang it first:
Call Me Maybe by B Muench on Grooveshark


Then Cookie Monster made it his own:


Let’s make an IW version too!

Welcome Back!

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I am so excited to begin another year of music classes! I hope you all had a great summer vacation and are ready to come back and make some music.

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